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#21   "Basically Three" (7:19) The season finale! (10/31/2009)

#20   "Deadlock" (6:24) The future of the triad comes into question (10/10/2009)

#19   "Medical Rations" (9:48) Dr. Sarah meets a kindred spirit. (9/27/2009)

#18   "Talent Release" (5:45) Ben gets two surprises in one day from his new girlfriend Mai Ly. (9/13/2009)

#17   "Fathers and Sons" (8:00) Brian finally leaves the hospital and Ben has a reunion of sorts with his father. (8/23/2009)

#16   "Eliza Do-Lots" (6:45) Eliza shows Gemma the British documentary film about the triad, and we learn a little about what Eliza put into the making of it. (7/27/2009)

#15   "Operation: Disaster" (8:12) A quiet weekend at home brings up some difficult issues for the triad. (7/13/2009)

#14   "Gail Force" (10:00) Gemma finally meets Jim Sullivan's wife, Gail. (6/24/2009)

#13  "Sleepless in Seattle" (5:04) The triad faces a classic poly scheduling problem. (6/7/2009)

#12  "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?", Part 2 (8:24) The gripping conclusion to the dinner party. (4/19/2009)

#11  "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?", Part 1 (8:25) Gemma hosts a dinner party for her neighbors. (4/5/2009)

#10  "Grant's Tomb" (7:20) Stuart finds someone squatting in his storage facility. (3/22/2009)

#9  "Don't" (8:45) Gemma gets some party planning advice from an unusal source. (3/8/2009)

#8  "Meet the Parents", Part 2 (7:27) The dramatic conclusion! (2/22/2009)

#7  "Meet the Parents", Part 1 (7:34) Ben's parents make an unexpected visit, and Ben meets an unexpected girl. (2/9/2009)

#6  "Brian the Plumber" (7:33) Gemma meets a new neighbor, and tries being honest for a change. (1/26/2009)

#5  "Reality TV" (7:19) A British filmmaker wants to make a documentary about the triad. (1/11/2009)

#4  "10 o'clock News" (6:53) Gemma & Ben celebrate New Year's Eve at home while Stuart is out partying. (12/31/2008)

#3  "The Famous Jim" (5:01) Meet Gemma's new boyfriend, the bicyclist, Jim. (12/13/2008)

#2  "Dewdrop In" (6:20) Gemma, Ben & Stuart attend a polyamorous social event, in the hopes of meeting other people like them. (11/29/2008)

#1  "Not What the Neighbors Think" (6:54) Meet the "family." Gemma, Ben & Stuart are just your typical polyamorous triad, trying to live in a monogamous world. (11/15/2008)

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